Flameless Candle Wholesalers

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Flameless candle wholesalers carry an amazing array of products, from tiny tea-lights to large all-weather pillar candles built to withstand outdoor conditions. These products have come a long way from earlier generations of flameless LED candles, and now resemble traditional wax candles so closely that it’s difficult to tell the difference without inspecting them carefully.

The newest novelty candle features the appearance of “moving” flames created by an LED lighting effect. These products may even have randomized flickering programmed into their light, mimicking natural flames very realistically and made of real wax.

Candles add elegance, warmth and clear light to any room. Flameless candles provide all of the benefits of traditional candles, with added safety, durability, and economical benefits. Talk to a supplier about the range of colours, shapes, sizes and specialty products currently on the market and bring the beauty of flameless candlelight to your customers.
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Flameless Candle Wholesalers

There are many types of candles available from renowned flameless candle wholesalers. One of the best selling types of candles is the pillar, a classic cylindrical candle that comes in various diameters and heights that range from the mini-pillar to larger outdoor pillars.

Using Pillar Candles

The pillar candle is a staple in décor. From restaurants to spas, pillars are commonly used to add interest and ambiance. Of course they also work well for home décor. Better suppliers carry a wide variety of styles and sizes suited for every type of interior design scheme. Ombre candles are one of this season’s hottest trends, but there are dozens of styles to choose from.

Additional Features

Flameless candles have a number of advantages over the conventional wax candle. In earlier years, flameless candles were easy to spot as "fakes,” but today’s quality candles are virtually indistinguishable from open flame candles. This means that customers can create the warm and intimate atmosphere of candlelight with none of the safety concerns that open flames present.

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